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noooo!!! Someone bid on my dress *commits suicide*

So, I went dancing alone last night for the first time. It was rather annoying. I got hit on by 4 5 people. Somebody has to go with me next time.
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Lol, the house doens't have any electricity, so we've had a real hard time moving in. It gets turned on tomorrow.
Oh! And it was very exciting to learn that they own a violin that no one uses, so I will deffinately start learning it.
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Life is truely beeeaauuutifullll :DDD

I live in Lawrence now, pwahahaha!

Oh, i'm not getting that violin, there was a pink mp3 player that I needed more.
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Oh man! Life is looking up for once!

I'm probably moving to lawrence next month with skyler. We're just going to live in his step-dad's basement, so no rent! Yeah!! More money for lolita.
I'm excited for the job options in lawrence, it's so much more fun there.
My plan is to work in a bubble tea place so that I can wear lolita to work everyday!!

My birthday is in three days, i'm a little depressed about it, but I think I already mentioned it in an earlier emo post. But presents make it happy! Well, I mean, I won't be getting many, and i'm fine with that really. I always forget people birthdays (and i'm always too poor to buy presents) so I would feel guilty if people got me things.
If I'm ever rich, I hope i'm known for always getting people the best gifts. A lot of people think i'm really selfish, which is true, but I love giving people things...
Anyway! My mom can't really buy me anything since she is poor and starting her new career, but she filed my income tax returns for me! So with that money I'm going to buy:

black secret shop ap tea party replica shoes! Augh! I am so tired of uncomfortable shoes, and these look sooo comfy. I think I may have mentioned this also. Ahhh~ imagine, I could actually run in these. My biggest iff about lolita how non-condusive to my lifestyle it is. I like to play and climb and get dirty, and you just cant do that in platforms or heels. So these shoes will be like... gifts from god. Plus, I don't have any basic black lolita shoes, they're either to punky, or too classic.

And my second present from my lover <3<3<3

A pink electric violin! :D I want to learn the violin so baaaad! Along with the cello. Actually, one of my life goals is to master string instruments. Mainly; guitar, violin, cello, and piano (yes, it counts)
It's pretty cheap to an instrument too, infact, I'm really not sure on the quality, but it doesn't matter to much for a beginner's instrument.

I'm in such a good mood <3
I has it.
Not my own prescription, but I will have one someday. I'm realizing that I have add, for realz, and i'm not just abusing this stuff, haha.
I'm so focused, and talkative, and I feel like this is the REAL me. I'm not some shy spacey girl like I always appear to be. I'm social, I really really am. I think i'm just depressed to hell so I don't act like I should. Adderall also takes away my depression, ahhh~

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Ahhh, sorry that got way out of hand there.

I'm going dancing tonight! With a small group of people, yay! Usually it's just me and one other person, but tonight it's; me, zoe, chan, and maybe justin..? But it will be fun!! Oh, but chan said that thursday night is gay night at the granada, and if that's true we'll do that instead since i've always wanted to go to a gay night or club. I read online that gay night is on wednesday, but when me and zoe tried to find it, everything was closed, augh! It was such a bad night.

Oh, we got hit by a semi-truck on the highway the other day, it was fun. Lol. Zoe's car is hardcore (SUV) all it did was mess up the bumper and the alignment. Her sideview mirror was even still on! How the hell does that happen!?!?
The only bad thing is she has to pay insurance stuff. The cop deemed it noone's fault, which is pretty good though...
I'm in too good of a mood to really go into this, but, getting hit by the semi told me that I don't really value my life much, ahaha. Everyone else was all shaken, but I didn't evne give a damn. Even when I saw the semi closing in on our side, I wasn't even scared...

Anyways! I'm sure i'm boring you so I shall leave!!
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